Amaze yourself

This is Dynapt, a new way of creating the most amazing and dynamic menu systems for your computer experience.


Dynapt is built as a platform which is powered by three engines, where each engine takes care of creating the data for a certain area: Configuration, Content or the Layout. Each engine is plug-and-play which let you customize your system setup easily. All this information is then processed by Dynapt and presented to the user via a Graphical User Interface, which is seperately built ontop of the Dynapt system.


The result is a highly adaptable and dynamic system which let you create and customize the menu to fit your needs. But the best part is that all of these functions are not visible for the end-user, making the system well suited for users who wish not to be overwhelmed by configuration files and setup dialogs.


We ship Dynapt with a basic configuration of our default engines. The layout and configuration is based on XML files and the content is generated by Rhaplets. For those powerusers who wish to change these sources we will provide good guides and tutorials on how to do this. For "even more power"-users and distributers we will also provide tutorials and examples on how to create your own engines.